Generating above market returns while
creating communities where people thrive.

Stradford Capital is a real estate investment company that curates special environments for families to live comfortably, raise their families, and grow a community. We have a strategic building partner, Park Street Homes, providing A-quality construction to all of our proposed homes. We target areas with the positive job and employment growth, quick access to major thoroughfares, great access to employment centers, and nearby prime retail centers. We believe in investing in areas that serve our residents as true “live, work, play” settings. At Stradford and Park Street, we put our residents first. Their wellbeing is at the basis of everything that we do.

As a developer, we looked at the market and noticed a gap between well-planned infill development and affordability. Our projects aim to solve the aesthetic of disjointed and inconsistent infill development and create a uniform look that will transform the neighborhood. We serve a diverse group of residents ranging from teachers, fire fighters, police officers, nurses, accountants, to engineers.

To check out our latest community, Grand Park Square, please go to grandparksquarehtx.com.